Crypto football: that’s how it works.

Naturally, the comments we see on social media and networks influence cryptocurrency prices. Still, according to a new study, the vocal minority of those who publish frequently does not have the most influential opinions.

These days almost anyone knows, how to buy bitcoin instantly. How to connect your bitcoin passion to sports – that is a much more interesting question.

Watford explained that this decision is part of an alliance with the online sportsbook, the main sponsor of the sports equipment of the club, which accepts payments with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on its platform. Both the English team and the bookmaker are carrying out a campaign for the adoption of the pioneer cryptocurrency of the ecosystem, the statement said. Merchandise and plans with bitcoin. The campaign includes the sale of autographed shirts and balls.

The club also organizes a “Crypto Cup”, in which fans can register their teams by paying with BTC and compete in the club’s stadium, Vicarage Road. Also, participants will have the opportunity to meet club legends. Among the payment options with bitcoin are also ads on the stadium’s LED screen. The club also arranged a specific space for its bitcoiners on Vicarage Road. This is the Bitcoin Box, an “executive suite in the Watford house” dedicated to the Bitcoin community, in the words of the club.

Watford bitcoin Vicarage Road Stadium will have a place dedicated to Bitcoin for matches. Photo: Watford FC. In fact, for the next home game against Chelsea on November 2, the club and the bookmaker launched an auction through the BitcoinTalk forum. He intended to “take action to the heart of the BTC community,” the website stands out. At the end of this season of the Premier League, the club will organize a meetup for ecosystem enthusiasts at the Vicarage Road facilities. To participate in that event, those interested will pay with bitcoin. For its part, Bet launched an award for its users if the club scores at least one goal against Arsenal, in the game this Sunday, September 15.

The prize consists of a free bet for the value of 0.002 BTC, about USD 20, according to the current price of bitcoin in the market. The prize will go to all users who have expressed their desire to participate in the platform. Also, they must have made at least one deposit in any currency in their Bet account. The rising audience for English football The main English football league last season registered more than 3.2 billion spectators in homes around the world. According to data from an investigation published in July this year, that figure represented an increase of 6% over the previous season. According to the Premier League itself on its website, the audience above numbers refers exclusively to the visualizations in the home, so the figure is higher, considering the views on public sites and mobile devices.

In that framework is that Watford will wear the Bitcoin logo on his shirt. Also, the team faces some of the most prestigious clubs in Europe, such as Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool, current European champion. Public sentiment, expressed in social media, has the power to manipulate the value of bitcoin, a new study reveals. The researchers claim that periods of predominantly positive comments from social media have a significant influence on cryptocurrency markets and are pushing bitcoin up or down. However, according to his article, it is not the vocal minority, but the silent majority that moves the prices of cryptocurrencies. Researches came to this conclusion after dividing tweeters and publishers into two groups and discovering that the comments of very active users on social media do not change market graphics so much. On the other hand, those who publish less often and who comment on cryptocurrency prospects exert much more influence on prices, especially when they share positive opinions. It turns out that prices change proportionally to your feelings.

According to Professor Feng Mai, who led the study: Vocal users of social media can sometimes have a specific agenda; in this case, exaggerating or increasing the price of Bitcoin because they have invested in it. Therefore, if biased people generate most of the social messages around Bitcoin, the feelings on social media may not accurately reflect the real value of the currency. Using natural language processing techniques, the scientists classified the comments into positive, negative and other categories of feelings. They then compared the data collected with the bitcoin price charts.

The Madness of Captive Soccer to the World of Cryptocurrencies With the arrival of the round of 16 in the World Cup, football emotions are infecting the crypto sphere, and some companies rush to climb the wave before everything normalizes next month. The Waves company, based in Moscow, has created a new token dedicated to football fans, Bitcoin. An Airdrop of 100,000 Mutcoins will be made – half of the tokens will be assigned to ordinary users, and the rest will be given to the players and coaches of the national soccer team. The number of cryptocurrency terminals offering ATM services has grown steadily throughout the world in recent years. In the Westlands area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNairobi, the capital of Kenya, an ATM has been installed that sells bitcoins (BTC) and litecoins (LTC) in exchange for cash.

The BATM, which is quite close to the central business district, allows users to buy cryptocurrencies for just $ 5 and pay in US dollars or Kenyan shillings. Participations in Luxury Hotel Sold by Bitcoin New luxury hotel shares in Al Mahra Resort by Cristal can now be purchased with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. “Some of the biggest names in the world are entering the world of cryptocurrencies. He also noted that cryptocurrencies have radically improved the transparency, speed and security of property transactions.